What is Masterlanguage?

Masterlanguage is a national selection of courses in the field of German, English, French, Italian, Classical languages (Greek and Latin), or Dutch. They are concerned with language, literature, and culture, and are taught in the target language (with the exception of the Classical languages, of course). The courses take place at the various participating universities and are taught by instructors from several universities. In addition, there are all kinds of other activities, such as lectures and masterclasses. In short, through Masterlanguage you will become acquainted with teachers and language students from other universities.

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Who is Masterlanguage meant for?

You can register for Masterlanguage courses if you are enrolled in a master’s programme at one of the participating universities. This programme must fall under one of the following national educational labels: Literary Studies, Linguistics, Ancient Studies, Dutch Studies, or a university-level education in teaching languages.

 Advantages of Masterlanguage

  • You have even more instruction available in and about your favourite language
  • You will become acquainted with instructors (with various types of expertise) from all over the Netherlands.
  • You get to know highly motivated fellow students from other universities.
  • You can appeal to instructors from different universities than your own for the supervision of your thesis (or for a second reader).
  • Apart from the courses, you can take part in other activities, such as seminars and guest lectures.